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Thank you for visiting my web site.  It is my intention to teach you the basics of myrmecology (the study of ants) whether you intend to keep captive ants of your own, or perhaps conducting a school project, or you just want to learn a little more about these fascinating creatures.

All pictures on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are provided by and used with the kind permission of Alex Wild.  Do not use these pictures without the express permission of the original author.  Thank you.  Clicking on any of Alex Wild’s pictures on this site will take you to Alex Wild’s awesome insect photographic web site.

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©  Alex Wild


Here you will find brief details of the latest series of updates.

©  Alex Wild

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You can ask  your ant-related questions on our forum by clicking on the ant image below.  There is no requirement to join the forum, you can post as a guest.















Antstore - A company based in Germany that sells a large variety of ant colonies, ant farms and related products.

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My awesome friend, Dermy, is an avid enthusiast of the flesh-eating beetles called Dermestids.

Museums keep colonies of them to strip the old flesh of any bones they get for their displays!  He has set up a forum for those interested.

Please do visit by clicking on the skull picture above and support Dermy and ask him your questions about Dermestids.

(The picture above is taken from the Wikipedia Dermestidae page)

4 Oct 12 - I will be away from home from 01 October 2012 until end of May 2013, and will therefore be unable to answer emails. If you have any ant related questions or wish to report any problems with this site please post in the Non-Members section of the forum, which you can reach by clicking on the FORUM tab in the navigation bar above. I will have access to the forum whilst I am away and/or the staff will be able to help you. You will not have to create an account on the forum if you do not wish to, you can post in the non-members section of the forum. Thank you.

AntHillsNet - A new company from Latvia that sells ants and ant related products. I know a few people who have ordered

from  them and I have had very good feedback from those customers.


11 May 13 - Well, I am back home now for 4 weeks after having been away for 7 months. Surprisingly my Lasius umbratus colony survived despite having now fresh food during that time. There colony population dropped somewhat, perhaps only 100 workers, a few brood, but thankfully the queen is alive and well. 70 members at the new forum too, which is encouraging.


25 May 13 - I have obtained a new colony of Lasius niger consisting of one queen and 12 workers, which I got from AntsUK.  Visit the forum to read the colony journal.