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 The Ant Network is a fledgling organization with a passionate focus on ants and the natural world. Our goals are to expand the ant keeping hobby, supplement and support important myrmecological research, serve our community, and educate others about science and conservation. With our sights set on a worldwide presence, our project is ambitious and underway - we just need your support to make it successful!

 Today I’m going to ask for your help! For the past three years I (and my team) have been pouring my energy and passion into a project that has become an organization. The Ant Network is a new entomology organization focused on four main areas: supporting research, creating resources, conducting and training others in education/outreach, and fostering a new community. We hope our project will unite ant enthusiasts and researchers in order to solve the world’s many problems with invasive species, biodiversity loss, habitat loss, and science education. I have entered a short video into a contest for $1,000 in funding from Montana State University’s Blackstone Launchpad, and we are in first place! However, our competitors are catching up quickly. I am asking for you to watch our 90-second video and vote once every day until the contest ends on January 17th.

 Thank you all so much. Even if you don’t have time to vote every day, a single vote counts and it means so much to me. Please share. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Miles Maxcer

Thank you for visiting my website.  The intention of this website is to tell you about ants; what they do, their nests, the mating cycles of the flying ants, what they eat, what species there are, and even how to keep them as pets.  I have tried to keep the information contained on this site as clear and concise as possible so that it does not get confusing or boring.  I am aware that a lot of schools and young children use this site as a reference.

The site is generally about species found in the UK as they are the ones I have had most experience with, though I am more than happy to answer questions about non-UK ants.

If you have any questions about ants, or about this website, or you wish to have a more in depth discussion or information about ants then contact me by clicking the Contact Myrm tab on the left side of this page.  

Thank you.

14 January 2017, Saturday

My ants are currently hibernating in the ant room, in which the heating has been isolated and a window always open so that it gets as cold as possible. Therefore there are no journal updates to give.  However, the main reason for this site update is to ask you to help a young ant keeper from the USA.  His name is Miles Maxcer, ant keeper, researcher and student of the Montana State University.  He is also president of the up and coming Ant Network organisation.  Some of you who were members of my non-closed ant forum may remember Miles who was one of the forum’s first members,back when he was about 13 or 14.  Well, he’s all grown up now and doing really well for himself in his academic pursuits, and has secured himself a place at Montana State University.

Miles is currently asking for your help in The Ant Network - Conservation Outreach & Citizen Science that he is heading up.  How can you help him?  Simply by watching the 90-second video he has created and giving him your vote.  To read more and to watch the video please see the box below.

Please do help Miles and his team.

Thank you.


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