Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

Art 2(2) of the GDPR provides that “This Regulation does not apply to the processing of personal data: … by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity”.

Upon consultation with a legal service it was suggested to me that due to my website (Myrm’s Ant Nest – not being commercial, i.e, I do not sell any products, and I do not deal with any financial transactions, such as payments or donations, but rather a purely informational website about my hobby (the study of ants), then, on balance, it is more likely than not to be outside the GDPR’s scope.

However, because this website does collect some information about you, I do want to explain, in plain English, what information pertaining to you that I can see when you visit my website, use the contact form via my contact page, or when you submit a comment on my News & Updates page.

1.1 Since the introduction of the GDPR on May 25, 2018, stringent laws have been put into place governing the handling of data, including data collected on an Internet website.

1.2 Art 2(2) of the GDPR provides that “This Regulation does not apply to the processing of personal data: … by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity”.

What information about you can I see?

2.  Contact Form

2.1 If you contact me via the Contact Form on the CONTACT page of this website, I see the following information:

• Your name (if provided)
• Your email address (as you provided it)
• The text that you placed in the message field of the contact form.

2.2. This information comes to me in the form of an email which is processed through my hosting service (TSOHost), and delivered to my personal email account.

2.3. Once I have replied to your email, I delete the original message from my Inbox, and it then goes into my email server’s trash/bin. I tend to empty this trash once per month.

3.  Comments/Posts

3.1 If you post a comment on the News & Updates page of my website, I see the following information:

• Your name (if provided)
• Your email address (if provided)
• Your IP address
• The text you entered in the message field of the comment box

3.2. This information comes to me via the administrator’s panel of the dashboard of my WordPress software. WordPress is a software product used in the creation of many blogs and websites on the Internet.

3.3 When you post a comment, it is held in the aforementioned administrator’s panel, and I receive an email alert. This email alert contains the information at 3.1 above.

3.4 On receiving this alert I log into the administrator’s panel of my website where I can see the moderation queue of your post, as well as any other approved posts already on the website. Again, the information I can see in the administrator’s panel is as at 3.1

3.5 If I choose not to approve your comment for publication on my website, it, with all its associated information (3.1) is permanently deleted from my administrator’s panel.

3.6 If I approve your comment, then the information in 3.1 is retained in the administrator’s panel, for as long as your comment/post is live on my website.

3.7 After you have submitted your comment/post, you can contact me and request removal of the post at any time, and I will endeavour to remove it as soon as I possibly can. When I remove your post the information at 3.1 is also permanently removed.

4. Other information

4.1 In the control panel pertaining to my domain name (, provided by my hosting service (TSOHost), I can see information about visitors to my site, such as

• Operating System, country (according to IP address)
• search words used that enabled you to find my site
• the duration of your stay
• the browser used when viewing my website
• IP addresses of visitors,

4.2 I do not see your name or any other personal details about you.

4.3 The information at 4.1 is held by my hosting company (TSOHost) rather than directly by myself, though, of course, I can view it at any time. I have no control over the information held at 4.1

5 What do I do with your private data?

5.1. If you email me to ask a question, or to request advice about ants, for example, I use your email address and name, if provided, to reply to you. Once I have sent the reply, your original email is deleted, as are further replies you send me once actioned by me.

5.2. If you post a comment on my News and Journals page, and you provide your name and email address, I can use this information, and your IP address, to block you if you post hateful, insulting or otherwise offensive material. Other than that I do not use the private data provided via the comments submissions for any other purpose.

5.3 The information held as described in paragraph 4, and its sub-paragraphs, above is used purely for statistical means. It can help me to improve my website and appearance. I have no other use for such information.

6. Do I sell your data, or provided it for other means, to a third-party?

6.1 No, I do not sell or provide your private identifiable data to any third parties for any purposes, with the exception of;

6.2. If you were to repeatedly make hateful, offensive remarks, or posts materials or links to material that is deemed as such, or indeed illegal, I would provide such information to the Police if requested by them, in so far as the law allows me to, taking into account any legal procedures involved in such a request by the Police.

7. Who else, other than me, can see your private information?

7.1 If you make a post on the News and Journals section of my website, and you choose to provide a name and/or email address, then all visitors to my site, whether members or not, will be able to view said information. The IP address associated with your post and/or visit to my site is not made public.

7.2 Information you provide me in any email correspondence to me is only seen by me, and is not provided to anybody else, unless you have specifically provide me with your express permission to do so.

I hope the above has been clear and has answered any privacy questions relating to your visit and interaction with my website. As I said above, I believe that by nature of the website, i.e, an educational website about my hobby, with no paid for services, or other financial transactions, then I am not required to have a privacy policy. However, should it be bought to my attention that I do, in fact, require a formal privacy policy, then I will have to provide one that means the legal requirements.

If you do have any further questions or concerns, then please contact me using the CONTACT button at the top of the page. Alternatively, you may email me separate from this website by using the email address in the footer bar of this page.

You may contact me to request the removal of any post you have made on the News and Journals page of the site. Once the comment is deleted, your private data is removed from my admin panel immediately. However, if you only ask for a particular comment to be removed, but you elect to allow other comments you have made to remain, then the information associated with the remaining comments is still present.

Thank you.