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Thank you for visiting my website.  The intention of this website is to tell you about ants; what they do, their nests, the mating cycles of the flying ants, what they eat, what species there are, and even how to keep them as pets.  I have tried to keep the information contained on this site as clear and concise as possible so that it does not get confusing or boring.  I am aware that a lot of schools and young children use this site as a reference.

The site is generally about species found in the UK as they are the ones I have had most experience with, though I am more than happy to answer questions about non-UK ants.

If you have any questions about ants, or about this website, or you wish to have a more in depth discussion or information about ants then contact me by clicking the Contact Myrm tab on the left side of this page.  

Myrm's Ant Nest

1 July 2015, Wednesday

Some may have noticed that I have removed the email function from this website as a method of contacting me.  Apologies for this but I really don’t get the time to answer all the ant related questions I get asked in emails.  So, instead, what I have done is pointed visitors who wish to contact me to the three forums I am a member of as a method of contacting me. It also allows you to get a quicker answer to your ant related questions, and more experiences from other ant keepers too. So you can always contact me there if you wish to do so, whether it’s simply to say hi, to ask questions about ants, or to point out any proplems or suggestions for this website.  You can find links to the forums I regularly visit below, on via the Contact Myrm tab on the left of your screen. Thank you.

Here are a few of my videos of my ant colonies.  I am only just starting to learn how to do this so don’t expect Hollywood standard shows. At least not yet! >.<

Most can be viewed in HD if you select the option at the bottom of the clip.

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15 July 2015, Wednesday

Today we had a mating flight of Lasius niger near where I work so I took the opportunity to capture a wingless female, hoping that she was indeed mated.  I have placed her in a test tube to see how she does.  I have uploaded a new journal for her which you'll find on the Myrm’s Pet Ants page.