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Welcome to my website. On this about and contact me page you can read about the history of the site, my aims and intentions.  If you wish to ask questions about ants, you can send them to me via the contact form below. 


Hi.  I am Myrm. Ants fascinate me.  My earliest memories of life are feeding the ants in my back garden with sugar taken from the kitchen.  As I got older my interest in ants did not wane, in fact, it became more intense.

Why do ants intrigue me so much?  It’s hard to really put into words.  Ants are such interesting creatures, and so varied in species, appearance, and behaviour.  Ants inhabit almost every country in the world, with the only exception perhaps being the Arctic and Antarctic regions. You can find them without much effort at all.  

In the year 2000, I created the first incarnation of this website as, at the time, there was not much information about ants on the Web, especially the British species, on which this site concentrates. There was nobody, at the time, to whom people could ask questions about ants. I aimed to change that.  It was a remarkably simple site on which I built as the years passed.  

The website you are looking at is version is the third version, being totally revamped in August 2019. I wanted to make some changes to the website, but, unfortunately, the software I was using, is outdated. In fact, the developers no longer support it. The software is no longer available for purchase. As a result, I searched for a more up to date and versatile web-building publication.  Therefore, I am now using WordPress

Via the contact form below you can ask questions about ants, which I will try to answer as soon as I can.

No Pop Ups, Adverts or Donations!

I wish to make this website visitor friendly.  One thing I detest about some websites I visit, is when I load up a page, start to read the information held therein. Suddenly the screen goes dim and a pop-up materialises, asking me to subscribe to a newsletter, join up, or some similar annoyance.  I created no  such annoyances on this website.  I have no newsletters, though you can see news, updates and ant colony journals.  

Oh, and I do not ask for donations via Patreon, PayPal or any of that other nonsense. Not even on my  YouTube page. If I can’t afford something for my site, then my site doesn’t get it.  If I want to purchase something to help my website or for my ants, then I go out to work and earn it myself. Simple as that.

There is no shop associated with this site, and I have no plans to add one.  As far as I am concerned, having a shop on my website just causes unnecessary stress and potential problems.

If you do find you are getting pop ups on this site or you want to ask questions about ants, please do let me know via the contact form below.

My Ant Farms (Oct 19)
My current ant farms as of October 2019

Ask questions about ants

Use the contact form below to ask questions about ants.  You may also contact me to make me aware of an error or problem on the website. Your suggestions on how I can improve the site are also welcome.

I aim to respond to your questions as quickly as I can, normally within a couple of hours, depending on the time of day.  If you have not received a reply within 24 hours, or if the contact form below is not working, then please email me on my**@an*****.uk

If you are using a VPN, your message may be flagged as spam. If this happens then feel free to email me direct at the address given above.

If you wish me to ID ants please send me as much information as you can of their appearance, nesting sites, and where in the world you are. A picture can also help. Please note that I do not give advice on how to kill ants.