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My Ant Colonies
Past Ant Colonies
Myrmica ruginodis.
Tetramorium impurum 2.
Temnothorax nylanderi.
Tapinoma erraticum.
Camponotus ligniperda.
Lasius niger1.
Myrmica rubra.
Messor barbarus.
Manica rubida.
Lasius niger4.
Myrmica scabrinodis.
Lasius niger2.
Pheidole pallidula.
Pheidole pallidula 2.
Lasius flavus.
Lasius niger3.
Tetramorium impurum 1.
Lasius flavus 2.
Lasius emarginatus.
Myrmica ruginodis 2.
Lasius flavus (Garden).

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Present Ant Colonies

I have the two ant colonies at the moment; the Lasius umbratus I obtained from Ant Store on 8 March 2009, and the Lasius niger 6 which I obtained from AntsUK on 22 May 2013.

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Lasius niger 6.
Lasius umbratus.