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I have been fascinated by ants since I was in infant’s school, more than a few years ago. When I was a kid mom would never let me keep ants in the house so I had to amuse myself by studying the ants in my garden.

When I was 13 I tried making an ant farm using a broken up old fish tank, but the newly mated Lasius niger queen I put in there either died or escaped, and so for a while I stopped trying to keep them.

In 2000 I decided to give a serious go at keeping ants, now that I owned a house with a spare room and a garden shed.  I started off with a several single newly mated Lasius niger queens again and placed them into plastic containers.  Again they didn’t last more than a few months.

Not to be deterred I tried again the following year, 2001, with a newly mated Lasius niger queen; and that ended up being the most successful colony I have ever kept.  The colony grow so large that it now lives free in my garden and is still going strong – 13 years later!

During those 13 years I have kept a variety of species of ant, some with success, and others without success.

I kept journals of some of these colonies which you can read by clicking on the appropriate button below.  Some of the journals are short and stop abruptly, others are quite comprehensive.

Please feel free to read from them and learn from my experiences, both successes and failures.

Lasius niger 1 Lasius niger 2 Lasius niger 3 Lasius niger 4 Lasius flavus 1 Lasius flavus 2 Lasius flavus 3 Myrmica ruginodis Myrmica ruginodis 2 Myrmica Scabrinodis Manica rubida Camponotus ligniperda Messor barbarus Pheidole pallidula Pheidole pallidula 2 Tapinoma erraticum Temnothorax nylanderi Tetramorium impurum Tetramorium impurum 2

If you have any questions about these journals, about my ants, or ants in general then please email me by clicking on the Contact Myrm tab to the left of your screen. You can also email me with your suggestions or comments on the website, or if you have any problems with it.

I also enjoy reading about your colonies, so please feel free to email me your updates.

Thank you.

Lasius niger 5 Lasius umbratus (2009) Myrmica rubra (bhoeschcod colony)

Latest Journal Updates

19 May 2019.

Busy ants!

As of next month, the extant journals will be amalgamated into one document.  Saves you having to open 3 documents to read all the updates.

Lasius niger 6 - Queen Magenta Tapinoma erraticum 2 Lasius niger 7