How to Keep Ants

Over the following three pages I show you everything you need, including what you need to first consider and how to set it up. In conclusion, I finish by telling you about my own captive colonies

Keeping Ants as Pets - First Considerations

So, you, or perhaps your child, wishes to keep ants. You’ve seen them aplenty outside (and maybe inside!), but how do you keep them as pets? Are they a safe pet? How do you feed them? What do you feed them? How do you stop them from escaping? These are some of the questions I often get asked by prospective keepers.

Therefore, I will try to answer these questions, and others, to give you a good chance of successfully raising a colony of your own. In particular, the information I provide here will assume you are completely new to ant keeping.

Setting up an Ant Farm

What should I keep my ants in? What equipment do I need? Do I need a queen? Where do I get everything from? In other words, how much does it cost in money, time and effort?

Here is everything needed to create a new home for your ants. To bgin with, I discuss the essential equipment, and the non-essential additional equipment.  I use the “Starter Kit” available from various sources online. In addition, I will explain what each item is as I use it.

Furthermore, you can also download the instructions as a pdf file.

Myrm's Captive Ant Colonies

I have kept a variety of British ant colonies in captivity for over 20 years.  Here you can read about my current and past colonies.  You can also read regular updates on all my current colonies on the blog page, as well as watching videos of my colonies of YouTube.

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My Ant Farms (Oct 19)
My current ant farms as of October 2019