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Want to buy ants or ant related equipment? Want some suggested sites for ants and ant equipment?

Here is a list of suggested sites for ants and ant equipment that I have used with good results. Consequenrtly, I recommend them.
Best Ants UK for your anting needs

Best Ants UK is a UK based store for all your ant needs.

They sell ant farms and live ant colonies from UK and abroad.

Do check them out.

First on my links to ant equipment is AntsUK They are my favourite UK-based ant keeping supplies company. They are based in the UK, and supply ants, ant farms and other ant related products.  Quick service and very reliable, therefore highly recommended. 

Update (23 July 2020): The starter kit ant farms that I show on my website have been discontinued.  Ants UK is currently trying to source some more ant farms.  Watch this space for updates.  In the mean time try Antstore for your ant farms.

I have used Livefood UK on many occasions to purchase live insects and other invertebrates, to feed to my ants.  They provide a fast and efficient service, therefore I highly recommend them. Furthermore, they are UK based. 

Finally, in my suggested sites for ants and ant equipment is Antstore. They are a Germany based supplier of ants and ant keeping products, selling ants from all over the world. They can be expensive, especially when postage is added. However, they are a very professional company.  This links to ant equipment sold on this site in the English language version.  It has various other languages too.  Unfortunately they no longer send ants or equipment to the UK, but only to the EU.

The BWARS website contains pages for each British and Irish species of bee, wasp and ant. Most pages contain a detailed account, photos, distribution map, life history and conservation status. Features such as videos and identification advice are being added over time.

Other Links - not related to suggested sites for ants and ant equipment.

Here is a list of websites and services that I have used or enjoy, not directly related to suggested sites for ants and ant equipment. However, I have used them with regards to my site.

Hostinger website hosting services
Hostinger website hosting services

In June 2024 I had to move my website to a new hosting service after my previous one went out of business.  After diligent searching on the web I decided to go with Hostinger as they had very good reviews.  My experience with Hostinger has been very positive and I therefore wholeheartedly recommend them for all your website hosting needs.

Downtime Happens. Get Notified! 50 Monitors, Checked Every 5 Minutes, Totally Free!

I use this Uptime Robot to monitor the downtime of my website.  It’s free and can monitor 50 sites for you with timed intervals starting from every 5 minutes.  As a result, I am alerted the moment my website goes down. If you want checks every 1 minute and/or for more than 50 sites, there is a paid versions. 

Holisticshop was launched in 2000, dedicated to spiritual growth and a holistic way of life.

Okay, nothing to do with suggested sites for ants and ant equipment. However, if you are fond of burning incense, as I am, I would recommend Holistic Shop, a UK based business.  They sell all kinds of incense and related products.  Their customer service, personnel, product quality and ethics are fantastic.  

Ask questions about ants

If you wish to ask me a question about ants (and no, I won’t tell you how to destroy them or their nests!) then please contact me on my**@an*****.uk or you can ask on the contact thread

I aim to respond to your questions as quickly as I can, normally within 24 hours.