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Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020 to all my readers/visitors/supporters.  Thank you so much for your continued support on my website. My ants have celebrated the New Year – by staying in their hibernation beds, except, that is, for the Lasius umbratus.  They have remained fairly active so far this winter, though in greatly decreased numbers.  The Lasius niger and …

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Captive Ant Colony Journals Update – 18 Nov 19

Hello, and welcome to another update on my captive ant colony journals.  I had not posted an update last week as there had not been much activity.  Instead, I wrote an article about the evolution of ants. To be honest, there is not much activity still.  However, here is an update on all three colonies.  Lasius niger, Lasius umbratus, …

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Myrm’s Ant Colonies Update – 4 Nov 19

Hello once again to another weekly update on my three current ant colonies. They consist of Lasius niger, Lasius umbratus and Myrmica rubra. Lasius niger This colony recently celebrated its two-month birthday, that is from the birth of the first worker ants.  If we were to go from the day the queen laid her first egg, …

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Myrm’s Ant Colonies Journal – 8 Oct 19

Welcome to another Myrm’s Ant Colonies Journal update. In my previous journal update, I informed you that my four-year-old “Magenta” Colony of Lasius niger suddenly died out, during the night. It was a complete mystery to me then, and it remains so now. Well, I had another, similar, scare a few days ago. Myrmica rubra I …

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7 workers now

My new Lasius niger queen now has 7 workers with her, with one of them having only hatched a few hours ago. There are approximately ten, maybe a dozen cocoons remaining, with some first moult larvae present too. A new ant farm I ordered specifically for this new colony was ordered on Friday, and dispatched …

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