Website Update. Ants of Britain​ and Europe. How do Ants Communicate?

Hello, and welcome to another update. Today, I bring news about my website with a new page called How Do Ants Communicate? I also have a new ant book that I have obtained called, Ants of Britain and Europe.

How do ants communicate?

First of all, a website update. Yesterday I added a new page which discusses the subject of how do ants communicate? I consider the subject of communication among ants to be a complicated subject. However, I try to keep my website at a level that allows people of all ages and reading abilities to be able to read and understand. Therefore, I have kept the scientific wording to a minimum. Areas of communication covered by my page are alarm, recruitment, recognition, and sex. I hope you enjoy it. As with all pages on my website, if you find any spelling mistakes, grammar errors, broken links, then please let me know. This includes any other problem, such as readability.

I have a new ant book!

Secondly, I have a new ant book, which a friend of mine was kind enough to buy for me. Ants of Britain and Europe – A Photographic Guide. The book is written by Claude Lebas, Christophe Galkowski, Rumsaïs Blatrix and Phillipe Wegnez. Originally published in France in 2016, under the title, Fourmis d’Europe Occidentale.

The book has three main parts to it. Firstly, the book describes various aspects of ants, including social structure, communication, colony recognition, labour division, and social parasitism, and more. 

Secondly, there is a rather technical, yet easy to read guide to ant identification. It uses aspects of the ant’s anatomy to determine and differentiate between species. Magnifying glass/microscope needed to make full use of the section. 

Thirdly, there is a photographic description guide to the species of ants found in Britain and Europe. This is my favourite part of the book as it contains photographs of every species of ant in these areas of the world. There is also a key as to where these ants are found. This book is awesome, and will certainly help me to identify many species of ant. I recommend it to any serious ant enthusiast. 

Thank you for reading this update. As always, feel free to comment below. Please be aware that I moderate all comments before they are published publicly. 

Ants of Britain and Europe
Ants of Britain and Europe (2019), by Rumsaïs Blatrix, Christophe Galkowski, Claude Lebas, Philippe Wegnez.

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