IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Posting.

You are more than welcome reply to most posts I make, but you will not be able to start your own topics. You should see a “leave a comment” option at the end of each post. 

Before you make a comment, you should be aware of the following:

  • You do not have to supply a name and/or email address in the appropriate fields, as you can post anonymously if you wish. 
  • If you do supply a name it will be displayed with your comment. Your email address will not be on display, only I can see it.
  • All comments must be respectful, on topic and contain no links or advertisements.  You must not include any hate speech or offensive words/remarks/material (including swears).  I wish this blog to be child/family friendly. I will have the final decision on what I consider to be inappropriate comments for my site. 
  • All comments must be approved by me before they appear on the site.  I do receive notification of a pending comment, so I will endeavour to read and approve (or disapprove if necessary), as soon as I can.  Of course, if I am away, or otherwise indisposed, then there will be a delay in your post being approved. If you have not seen your post approved after 24 hours, then please feel free to contact me.  Generally speaking, I will not be available to approve any posts between 2200-0800 UTC. Posts made during this time will be held in the moderation queue. I do this so that I can combat posts that contravene the rules, including spam, before they appear on the site. I hope you will understand.
  • If your comment is not approved, and you have supplied an email address, I will email you and let you know why is was not approved. If your post was obvious spam or in-your-face breaking the rules, then you may not receive an email explaining why your post was not approved. You’ll know yourself that it would not have been approved before you even submitted it, and so an explanation will not be needed.
  • Please note that for reasons beyond my understanding, if you do not include an email address when submitting a comment, you will not see any indication that your post is awaiting approval/moderation.  However, rest assured your comment has been submitted.  If you do include your email address, then you will see a notification informing you that your post is awaiting approval. 
  • If at any time you wish any, or indeed all, of your comments to be removed from this blog, please do contact me via the CONTACT button at the top of the page, and I will remove them as soon as I can.

Finally, one thing I hate when visiting a website are pop ups, and that includes those which invite you, the visitor, to subscribe. So, none of those here.

8 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Posting.”

    1. Hi

      Thank you for the suggestion. I have to confess that I thought I had put a link there already. I am sure it is somewhere in the depths of my site. However, I have updated my main links page to contain such a link as you requested.

      Kind regards.

    1. Hi ScxllyBL

      My current colony journals are not available in pdf format, only a selected few of any previous colonies are. On my old site current journals were available as pdf downloads, as the old site did not have this blog/post ability. With this new site having a blog page it is much easier for me to post the current journals here.

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