7 workers now

My new Lasius niger queen now has 7 workers with her, with one of them having only hatched a few hours ago. There are approximately ten, maybe a dozen cocoons remaining, with some first moult larvae present too. A new ant farm I ordered specifically for this new colony was ordered on Friday, and dispatched yesterday. I expect it within the next 1-5 days; by the weekend at the most. This will allow the new workers to settle before they are transferred to their new home.

My Lasius umbratus and Myrmica rubra colonies are doing well, eating all the food I give them. Their foraging tanks need a good clean out, but this can be very difficult when there are a lot of ants. However, not too long now and they will begin to hibernate, or at least drastically reduce their activities, which makes cleaning the foraging tanks out a lot easier.

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